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Snacks Machines

The versatile Palma H is available in four configurations and has a specification to suit all requirements.

Supplied in a dual zone format the Palma H is able to dispense both snacks, cans and bottled cold drinks all from one machine.


For a full list of the available Palma H models and specifications please click here to download a brochure.


Coffetek Palma H

Westomatic Snackpoint Trio

The Snackpoint Quattro and Quinto stand out from the crowd, with extruded door profiles, dual illuminated window and blue LCD lighting.

The internal cabinet temperature can be pre-set between 6 and 12°C ensuring your products are chilled to perfection when selections are made.


To download a brochure on the Snackpoint click here.

Westomatic Snackpoint

The Crane Merchant Media can be configured to dispense snacks, confectionery and bottles.

With 2 models available the Merchant can hold from between 230 right up to 528 items


If you would like more information on the Merchant click here to download a brochure.


Crane Merchant Media

Combining style with function and versatility, the SnackPoint Trio from Westomatic is literally two machines in one. With two separate temperature zones, the lower cool zone chills cans and bottles to perfection while the upper zone - a few degrees warmer - is perfect for snacks and chocolate.


With a very small footprint the Trio is ideal for areas where available space or access is limited. Click here to download a brochure.

Please click here  to contact us for more information on our range of snack machines