Cold Drink Machines

Snakky Max

The Snakky can be configured to dispense cold drinks or a combination of snacks and cold drinks

Features include:

Flexible layout that can offer both snack, cans and bottles.

Excellent capacity /size ratio.

Spiral layout can be modified according to products to be dispensed.

Large glass front door 

Numeric keypad.

Possibility to install up to three payment systems.


User interface Numeric selections (4 direct selections as an option)

Up to 36 selections

Height: 1700 mm

Width: 700 mm

Depth: 853 mm

Depth open: 1335 mm

Weight Approx: 190 kg

Voltage: 230 V

Max power consumption: 345 W

Frequency: 50 Hz 

Configuration: Snacks / Snacks +
Cans & Bottles

Number of trays: 6

Refrigerated: Yes

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