Water Machines

Our plumbed in point of use water coolers are a perfect soluiton for your drinking water.

They are a cost effective solution without the need to store bulky water bottles.

Both hot and cold versions are available

We have options available for lease, purchase and rental.
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The AA4400X POU Water Cooler
range – good looking
sturdy and
reliable performance.

Arctic Chill 88

The Artic Chill 88 is a 40 litre per
hour high capacity direct chill
cooler ideal for high use

Jazz 1100

The Jazz 1100 is an econmy
cooler, solidly built with conventional taps providing low cost drinking water.


Durable and Reliable, high capacity 26 litre per hour fountain with push button Glass Filler and Bubbler Finished in Stainless Steel

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